You Don't Want to Buy at This Time...
Well, That's OK by Me!

Hey there, so it's not right for you at this point. That's just a perfect outcome for you at this time.

And, after all, I know that you have a choice and I'm delighted that you made the decision that is right for you!

At the end of the day, I recognize that you have a choice and acknowledge that you have that right, but, you know, I still want you to benefit from the possibilities of this book.

So, I want to help you - because you have shown enough interest to stick with me to here! So why not take advantage of the free tips straight from the book?

I worked on both ends of the Assessment Center circus. I've been 'done to' and a 'doer of the dirty deed', so I truly know what goes on.

In the little course I let you have, completely free of charge, there are valuable tips you can use, right now to make your future bright.

My take from this? Well, I know that even if the time isn't right for you to make a purchase, you will take some steps forward in the way you approach Assessment Centers - and for me, that's a win!

In 3 e-mails, over the next week, you get seven great tips straight from How To Win at Assessment Centers, then you're done!

BTW, I never do anything else with your e-mail address. It's really , really important to me and all that i do that my customer service exceeds expectations - and e-mail privacy is right at the top of the stack

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